What is MUN ?

MUN is a simulation of the United Nations itself. It originally began in the 1920’s at Harvard University, where students did simulations of the League of Nations. When the United Nations was established, university simulations followed. Today, MUN is an extra-curricular activity offered across the world at a university, high school, and even middle school level.

In MUN, each student becomes a representative of a particular country while debating different issues concerning the world today (for example : giving everyone access to clean water). The ultimate aim of MUN is to increase student awareness of difference of world opinion on global problems and, of course, very different views on how to solve them.

What makes MUN unique is it is completely student-run. At our local meetings, it is a student director who sets the agenda and enforces parliamentary procedure, but even the international conferences we attend our run by students. The student Secretary General sets the agenda, and students chairs run the committees. It truly is a chance for students to get an taste of the adult world of diplomacy.

In MUN, students have the opportunity to perfect their debating skills while also learning the inter-personal skills of negociation and consensus building. What is often not mentioned is it is also a lot of fun !

Click here to watch a video about MUN.

Mis à jour le 08/03/2022
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