University Counseling

The university application can be daunting process, especially for bilingual students who are often considering higher education in multiple countries. For this reason, ASB offers personalized college counselling to all IND students wishing to study in an Anglophone country.

Not sure what or where you want to study ? Don’t know where to start? Learn more about how the university application process (for all Anglophone schools) works at ASB by checking out the adjoining articles.


British Universities Application Process

Thinking about the UK as an option? Check out this UCAS video of how the application process works in the UK by clicking here. Mrs. O'Reilly is the contact person if you wish to attend a British University. Contact her in 1ère so that you can start the process with plenty of time to spare ! Remember that the personal statement is not easy to write (even for British people !) and often needs to be rewritten multiple times. Make an appointment with Mrs. O'Reilly today to start the process now. The process of applying to British universities requires a certain amount of preparation, which is why we recommend that students interested in further education in the United Kingdom start getting informed as of their Seconde year.

This gives potential UK undergraduates plenty of time to research the courses and the universities they are interested in and maybe even organise a series of visits to meet admissions officers during half-term breaks or the summer holidays. There are numerous Open Days and campus tours available during the year which give students an opportunity to see on-site facilities, check out geographical location and get a general feel for the place they might be living in for a duration of anything up to five years. There are of course international college and university days in Paris as well as talks by experienced admissions officers, so all is not lost if you are not able to cross the English Channel just yet!

The PDF document below will give you an overview of the application process here at ASB as well as a to-do list of how to get started!

How to Apply to an American University at IND

Thinking about applying to an American university ? Then see Mrs. Hartman in the ASB office ASAP! American universities are renowned for their excellent facilities and faculty, but the application process is long and arduous... If you are serious about going to the US, you need to get yourself informed in 3ème - as universities look at your grades and activities as of 9th grade (3ème)! Don’t start the process too late, see Mrs. Hartman today!

Needless to say, it is important to start early in your search for the right American college for you. For this reason, the ASB office has prepared a guide, complete with a to-do list of the steps you need to take to get your applications ready.

Not sure what the difference between the ACT and the SAT is?  Torn between taking the TOEFL versus the SAT to prove English fluency? Still confused by the American tendency of calling a university a college? Get answers to all of these questions as well as find out how to start the application process by reading the attached American University Application Process at IND (PDF below). Don’t miss out on a world class education by starting the process too late. Have a serious talk with your parents about what your options are, and make an appointment with Mrs. Hartman.

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