Getting Dramatic

 The aim of Drama Club is to help students gain confidence in English through theatre.  Students not only learn the theatrical arts, but also how to aceept constructive criticism and work with others as a team.  A few of the benefits of joining Drama Club include the following:

Improved Communication Skills (articulation, voice projection, and body language)

Increased Creativity & Imagination

Improved Memory & Concentration

Greater Self-Discipline

Drama Club brings together students of different ages and abilities (6ème-Terminale), with all students contributing to make the annual musical a resounding success.

Drama Club meets every Monday in the Maison des Elèves. While the year has already started it is never too late to join! The collège session begins at 4:50PM and the lycée session runs from 5:40-7PM. Don’t miss this chance to spice your year up with a bit of drama !  Indeed, Drama Club is in full preparation for their new play - so now is the time to join! Each and every student in Drama Club is actively involved in the venture whether on stage or back stage and parents can help too !

Mis à jour le 08/03/2022
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