ASB offers Future Problem Solving

Working hand in hand with the FPSPI (Future Problem Solving Program International) based in the U.S.A., we are the only school to have this internationally recognized program in France.  We also proud of record:  for the last two years we have qualified for the international round, with students placing either 1st or 2nd in the final. 

The FPSPI has founded the program so as to:

            “develop the ability of young people globally to design and promote positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking.”

Does your child enjoy thinking creatively and innovating? Are they stimulated by solving real-world problems? Are they interested in gaining an understanding of issues in today’s world and complex situations in the future? Would they like to do creative writing in a fun, stimulating environment? Do they like working with others and sharing their ideas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Future Problem Solving is the right activity for your child.

Future Problem Solving is an opportunity to learn about the world and develop ways to make a better tomorrow. You can find out more about Future Problem Solving by checking out their website.

While participating in this activity, students do project work that can be submitted to the FPSPI annual competition. If selected, finalists travel to the US (health and safety measures permitting) to present their work. Led by Mrs. Lecoustumer and Mr. Boles, Future Problem Solving will give your child an opportunity to dive into:


    • Teams of 4 or individual participants research a series of global topics and learn a six step creative problem solving process. Problem solvers do creative problem solving to find solutions in an imagined/future situation. Teams compete against teams from around the globe, submitting their proposals to the FPSPI competition 


SCENARIO PERFORMANCE: For thinkers who are also storytellers!

  • Using the oral tradition of storytelling, ScP is for students who enjoy telling stories and show thinking abilities in different ways--particularly for those who prefer oral communication. Scenario Performances are 
  •  Connected to the annual FPSPI Scenario Writing topics, participants develop futuristic stories to present in a creative and entertaining manner. Stories do not have to be submitted but are instead performed.



    • Through creative writing students develop and submit futuristic scenarios that could take place as a logical outgrowth of actions or events. FPS scenarios are stories based on one of the annual topics, such as propaganda, ocean species, cyber conflict, space junk, artificial intelligence, alternative energy or climate change. This is an excellent outlet for students who enjoy doing creative writing.

Future Problem Solving group members meets from 12:40-2PM on Wednesdays afternoons. We are looking forward to seeing your child there!

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