6ème Trip to Guédelon

6ème Medieval experience


The Medieval Ages are at the core of our 6ème History curriculum. By learning about feudal life and castles, and by reading and performing hallmarks of traditional literature such as Robin Hood, our 6èmes explore Medieval life in diverse ways. At ASB we strongly believe that the best way to learn about something is to experience it firsthand; therefore, to give our students an opportunity to experience and see feudal life in action, our 6èmes spent a day at the Base de Loisirs Daniel Bailly, Saint Fargeau where they were hands on in illuminated manuscript writing and heraldry. Afterwards they travelled in time with an evening of Medieval singing and dancing. 


The adventure continued the next day at Guédelon, where craftsmen and women are building a castle using 13th century tools and techniques. Spending the day there gave our students an opportunity to see Medieval construction processes firsthand. After learning about the castle through a guided tour in English, students met and talked to masons, basket weavers and blacksmiths as they explored the village that surrounds the building site. Students then had a hands-on experience using medieval techniques themselves as they took part in a stone carving workshop.


The whole of the 6ème LM section went to Guédelon mid-April.  This was a really fun trip where we learnt a lot of things!  On arrival, around mid-morning we divided into activity groups: two groups of boys and two groups of girls.  We were shown our bungalows , then we ate lunch in the canteen.

After that, we had free time to explore.  The surroundings of the buildings consisted of a small forest and grass.  It was really cool! Next, we started the activities. Our group started with the making of shields. We learned how different colours meant different things: each colour meant two qualities and one weakness. We also discovered that shield patterns have meanings too: the more complex the pattern, the more powerful and victorious its owner.  We then chose shapes: moon means femininity, sun means masculinity, the deer means majestic.

Whilst our shields set, we had snacks and then went on to the next activity : illuminated manuscript writing. We chose a letter and transferred it onto real parchment before decorating it.

Before dinner we had more free time and after our evening meal we listened to and sang along to Medieval music. We learnt how Medieval peasants danced and watched a jester juggle.

On the second day, we visited Guédelon castle where we had a tour guide in English this was so interesting!  We also learnt how to stone carve –this was fun!

This was a memorable experience.

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