Fall Textbooks & Summer Reading for Collège & Lycée Students 2022

Before you pack up for summer vacation, make sure that you have your required summer reading!  Please click on the appropriate PDF below to find out what you need to read this summer.  5ème & 6ème students only have required reading for literature, but we do encourage students to dip into the optional history reading as well.  Students from 4ème-1ère have required literature AND history reading. If you are in one of these classes, please make sure you get your literature reading assignment as well as the history summer reading list.  Please note that students entering 2nde LM2 also have some language work to complete to begin preparation for there IGCSE exams (please see pdf below). 2nde and 1ère history students can also find the documents necessary for their summer history projects below.  Please remember many classes have a written assignment linked with the summer reading.  Make sure you take note of the assignment BEFORE you start reading your book, as this will facilitate the writing process.  In any case, we hope you all enjoy your summer..... READING!


It should also be noted that ASB will once again NOT be purchasing textbooks for students this fall.  The flat book fee has been removed, and we are asking parents to purchase the required books this summer.  The textbook list is attached to this article.  

Mis à jour le 02/02/2022
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