Edition 4 of ASB Reads is Now Available

ASB Reads aims to promote reading and literacy in a fun way that appeals to everyone. Our latest magazine offers a selection of book reviews and recommendations. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have some great write-ups from our older students as well as some of the students in one of our CE2 classes. 

In every issue, we aim to introduce you to the latest releases and share some of our favourite books for all ages and stages. We aren't saying that these are the best books ever written or that your children must read these books. ASB Reads has been born in recognition that choosing a book in a language that may not be your first language isn't always easy to do. Encouraging a love of reading is not always easy. Finding something reluctant or dyslexic readers will want to pick up and enjoy isn't always easy. We want to lend a hand and hope that the books recommended in our listings prove helpful to you and your family, even if only in some small way. 

Please click here for ASB Reads - Issue Four - May 2022


Mis à jour le 02/02/2022
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