Shakespeare Workshops with Clarence Tokley

Clarence Tokley Drama workshops

            ASB students benefited from drama workshops ran by Clarence Tokley, Co Founder/Co Artistic Director at The Big Funk and Theatre/Film teacher at École Jeannin Manuel and Institut de la Tour.

The workshops explored plays the students studied throughout the year : Romeo and Juliet in 4ème; Merchant of Venice in 3ème; Crumbs from the Table of Joy in Seconde; and Othello in Première. The workshops are designed so as to give students the unique opportunity to work on important elements of the plays, using an interactive, student-centred pedagogical approach.

Clarence Tokley - L'AiR ARTS


This workshop was an amazing experience. Clarence was very funny and friendly. In addition, the varied activities we did were fun and entertaining.                                                 Victor Mathis   2M


The new workshop was amazing. Firstly, Clarence was amazing, funny and made us laugh. His activities were different and we never got bored as he kept us engaged.  I hope we will have the opportunity to repeat this next year.                                                                                                     Timothée Chretien    2O


This workshop was an amazing experience!  It made us get to grips with the bases of theatre and allowed us to be confident when talking in public.  The acting games were original. I wish the workshop had lasted longer and I hope to see Clarence next year.                                        Emma de Villartay    2O

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