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Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

     Hot off the presses...please find below the link to the third issue, this school year, of your Section Spotlight.

Section Spotlight - Issue Three - February 2024

     If, for any reason, you can't access the link above, please let me know, and I will send the newsletter to you in .pdf format. Alternatively, you will, in due course, be able to view the newsletter on the ASB pages of the IND website.

     As always, there is something for everyone, including a look back at the fun we had in the build-up to Christmas. We have poetry galore; our clever CM2s have designed comic strips and yummy new varieties of sweet treats. Theatre and visual learning have been the order of the day in the collège and lycée, and we are happy to showcase creativity across the history and language classes. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. 

     As well as looking back, we are really looking forward to the many events and activities coming up. After the break, our older students will be hosting a Model United Nations conference, and the Parents' Association, in conjunction with Mrs Lecoustumer and her Future Problem Solvers, will be hosting a Bingo Night. If you think we've already achieved a lot this school year, you are absolutely right, and there is so much more to come.

     Finally, this is a gentle reminder that the Spotlight is only emailed to parents and teachers. Please take a moment to share the newsletter with your children as many of them say that they didn't know their work had been published. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

     That just leaves me to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Here's hoping you find at least a few days to recharge those batteries and have some real family fun. Goodness knows we all deserve that.

My very best wishes, 


Karen Staves

mum to Alex (now Dr Staves PhD); Matthew (uni in UK); Ben (Terminale)

President - IND Anglophone Section Parents' Association (ASPA)

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