Anglophone, Bilingual and Passport Explained

Dear ASB Parents,

We are excited to announce that our ASB classes will have new names from September 2024.  We feel the time is right to share this news with you now, and particularly with our CM2 families who will soon be completing application forms for entrance into 6ème.   

In order to explain our news as simply as possible, our current "Bilingual" classes will be known as "Anglophone" and our current "Passport to English" classes will be known as "Passport to Bilingual".

Our main reason for this change is that our Collège classes have recently been given new names.  Collège classes are now known as "Anglophone" and "Bilingual".  

Please note, for all 6ème 2024 applications:

        Current CM2 Bilingual parents should choose Anglophone.
        Current CM2 Passport to English parents should choose Bilingual.

Having similar names for all our ASB classes in both Primary and Collège, is a logical step forward and will help to avoid any future confusion.  

We hope you agree and thank you for your continued support of all things ASB. 


Mis à jour le 11/09/2023
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